Treats for Friends

At Treats For Friends, we actually like our friends.  Don't send them an annoying package of hate.  Send candy!  

ABOUT Treats For Friends

We have friends.  Our friends are nice.  So we give them candy.

We assume that you have people you like too.  So why not send your friends, family, co-workers, zoo-keeper, neighbor down the way, anyone with an address a nice little pick-me-up.  
Friend has to study. Send them candy!

How It Works

Does your friend have too many muscles?
​Then send them lots of candy!
Got a Lover? A Crush? An "It's Complicated"?
​Send them candy!

1) Make a Friend.  If you don't have one, let us know.  We'll find one for you.

2) Buy a Candy Treat for a friend.

Your Friends Name & Address
A Note to your Friend